Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Are you a landscape and home care professional, passionate about doing good stuff? Do you ever talk to your clients or do they ask you for details of a company that looks after, cares for, treats or installs new lawns?

If yes, then you're in the right place and we'd love to invite you to apply to our All Gardening Ambassador Programme for landscape and home care professionals. We work with a network of window cleanersdesigners, landscapers, builders, tree surgeons and many more all on a mission to spread the word on benefit of a fine English lawn.

Perks of the Ambassador Programme


Exclusive discounts for your clients.


An extra source of income from the referrals you make.

Lawn Food Discount

Exclusive access to 30% discount on our Lawn Food and Lawn Tea.


Lawn care leaflets & educational information to share with your clients.

Lawn Plan Discount

If you are a Lawn Plan customer, 15% discount on your service when you have made 6 referrals.


Join a community of over 1,000 like-minded, lawn-loving people, and build your network of landscaping professionals,


Invitation to our All Gardening Ambassador Facebook group for exciting pre-launch updates & educational on everything lawn care.

Lawn Care Helpline

Access to Grass Masters helpline for you and your clients.


Dedicated Ambassador Programme Team

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