I remember my first dog, Pepper, she was mum's dog, but we'd go down the park with her from time to time to throw apples, Pepper loved apples.

Some 25 years later I now have my own dog, Oban, he's smart, busy and always looking for something or someone to play with.

He never leaves my side. Never. (Except when I'm working, but sometimes he joins me too).

From time to time I meet garden owners who have dogs, and they ask how to manage the damage the dog does. 

The one thing I tend to point out is "if you look after the garden" the weird thing is the dog learns to to.

In Oban's case, he'll play in the garden, but will only pee on the side on a shrub, he has dug one holes once, but that's it.

I keep the lawn and garden in good order. So does Oban.

We all love him, and he loves us.

Including the lawn.


Founder of All Gardening