Garden Plan

How Garden Plan works

Curious about how our service works? Here are the basics: we match you with a garden designer who hand-selects plants, products and services for you based on your size of garden (we use some smart tech to help us), preferred garden design and how much you want to spend.

Garden Plan - How it works

Fill out you Garden Plan profile

Share your garden details and preferences and set the price range that suits your lifestyle—you’re in charge.

Get a Garden Plan when you want

You pay just a £20 design fee, which covers your garden designer expertise and time. It gets credited toward anything you buy.

See before you buy

See your garden designer picks from the comfort of home. Buy what you like and send back the rest.

Free shipping & returns

Shipping, returns and exchanges are free—a prepaid return box is included, we collect it with one of our locally based gardening vans. No hidden fees, ever.

No subscription required

Order on demand or get regular deliveries. You can also shop online and instantly buy product and services inspired by your favourite products.

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