Green Letter Club


The Green Letter Club

What if by getting it wrong, you could be rewarded.

To have the finest lawn, at first you have to get it wrong, get it wrong a lot.

You have to learn to make things simple.

But, simple is not the same as easy.

When you give growing a fine lawn a go, you'll realise it's hard.

When YOU look at your lawn, you want to think something different to what you know, lets be honest..

"That's just such a rubbish lawn cut, and mower"

"He's really not putting enough effort in!"

"That's so patchy"

"I can see bare soil still, and I've seeded it so many times"

"It's raining of course I can't cut the lawn"

"I definitely cut that too short"

"Moss everywhere"

"Weeds, loads, everywhere"

"That's bloody rubbish"


Let me share with you an opportunity...

The Green Letter Club.

I've had this idea for a while now, for the last 6 years I've made it a daily habit to seek out errors, get things wrong, ask for criticism, and offer a guarantee, being, if I get it wrong I'll keep working on the lawn for free, until we both agree its as fine as it can be.

But this idea led me to think that all of what I was learning I wasn't sharing.

Alongside that, I started marketing my business via a personalised letter, delivered by me, by hand.

Letters with select information about growing a fine lawn, to selected doors and letter boxes.

I told people stories about my learnings, and what I did, it drew people towards me.

Letters, whilst an old fashion concept are gifts, a lot of care and thinking goes into a letter, letters hang around, get looked back on, and are treasured.

Which gave me this idea.

An idea that linked letter writing, to learning about growing a fine lawn, to a new lawn care book, all done with 100 contributors.

So, here's the elements of the Green Letter Club.

  1. You need to want to grow and care for a fine lawn. And own a fine lawn mower. That won't come cheap.
  2. Joining the Green Letter Club won't be cheap. The best clubs never are. The price will only ever go up. Guaranteed. 
  3. The club membership would be restricted to 100 people. Never anymore.
  4. I will ask ONE QUESTION about your experience with your lawn per week, you'll receive the question via a posted letter, 52 over the year.
  5. The answer to the question MUST be super honest. Your answer must be sent in a written and uploaded to the Green Letter Club Slack Channel (I'll help you learn that online tool, it's very good).
  6. The one upvoted the most would then be the one that makes it into the forthcoming collaborative book.
  7. No one will know who the publisher is. They will have a code name, in the format of their lawn size and postcode numbers. i.e 18632, which is mine.
  8. At the end of the year, we all meet in Harrogate (Nice day out!) for a 1 day ‘How do we launch the book to introduce fine lawns to the world’ workshop. Of course, we all wear our code name on the specially made Green Letter Club badges. We finally get to meet each other.
  9. There will be 100 authors. All profits shared equally. An equal share of the effort.


A simple idea it might be, but there is something very deep about community learning, slow learning, and the gift of a written letter.

The thing that I love most is, the idea of 100 contributors publishing a book all about their experience of learning to grow a fine lawn sounds joyful.

100 people. 100 lawns. 100 stories.


Some Questions You May Have.

When does it start?

March 20th, 2024 - 1st day of spring.

First question via letter.

And a letter will come to you every Wednesday for 52 weeks.

Harrogate Workshop. Thursday 20th, 1st day of spring. 2025.

What do I need to do?

Each week, you must submit your answer to the question with your most honest insights, information and opinion.

This is to be posted on the Slack Channel (I’ll help you all get started on that, it’s very good)

The one answer gets the most upvotes will go in the fine lawn care collaborative book.

You can submit questions, too.

If you miss 3 weeks in a row, I’ll put it to the vote to keep your spot or have someone new come on.

There will be no refunds.

How much is the membership?


This includes the Harrogate Workshop.

All-year access to the Slack Community.

One equal share of the profits from the book.

Who is this for?


Lawn fanatics.

Business owners in the horticulture and lawn care industry.

Gardening product innovators.


Introverts who find it hard to share ideas.



The dreamers.

---------------- ---------------- --------------

Why I'm doing this, and why I need your help for it to be a success.

Back in 2020, January, my mother died, it was covid19 that got her. Some of her last words to me were "grow something big and beautiful, Phil". 

And so I started thinking like that, at first I thought I'd just grow All Gardening, do everything. Just say yes to everything.

And each year since I've produced a YearBook telling the story.

But doing everything started to lack focus.

I felt like my dreams, and the message my mother gave me was gradually slipping away.

So one day I found an idea around doing less, doing one thing well, and being the best.

Doing one thing well, my brain gets. (the ADHD bit does).

To be the best you have to look at things very, very deeply, you have to be relentless in your focus, hyper-focused, and you have to be open to daily learning.

I'd found something.

I chose to grow the finest lawns in the UK, a big ask.

Just one thing.

But that's what I'm now mastering, and my business and Lawn Plan my fine lawn service is growing.

It's a simple idea, but simple is not the same as easy.

Now here's why I need you, why I need to engage my community.

I don't have big budgets to advertise, or big budgets to do anything, so I have to do everything with what I have, and from time to time I ask for a bit of help.

I have to grow things, literally.

I think on this occasion I want to grow, help and coach people to grow a fine lawn.

Grow something special.

Every year since 2020 I've produced a Yearbook, all about my view on the world that I live in, a fine lawn and garden world.

The Green Letter Club will be an expert community, the idea is we share a story of the test and challenge, and the reward of growing one thing well, YOUR OWN FINE LAWN will be collated.

As we grow, learn to grow, we will together produce the YearBook 2025.

I'm here to learn, to help, and to collate the best learnings to share wider when the time comes. 

I hope 100 people all focused on the task, will bring together magic.

Here's to the fine lawn dreamers.

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Phil - Founder of All Gardening and The All Gardening Cafe.

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