Lawn Plan Basic

So you think your lawn needs replacing? Think again, maybe we can fix it with a bit of TLC.

Lawn plan basic is a simple way to a healthier, greener and lush lawn. We typically visit a lawn once every 10 weeks which allows us the opportunity to see the lawn throughout the whole year. 

Lawn services start from as little as £9 per month.

EVERY one of our visits is backed by the All Gardening Lawn Service Lawn Guarantee. We strongly believe that a lawn changes from day to day and to keep it in top class condition you need to monitor its condition every visit. So, we use a little bit of technology to keep track of the condition of your lawn and record what we see when we visit.

For commercial turf management, please contact us directly.

Spring Treatment

Our spring feed provides essential nutrients to improve your lawn’s condition. We also spray a herbicide to reduce weed population.

Early Summer Treatment

This long established feeding programme continues to maintain a great, healthy looking lawn throughout the summer period.

Late Summer Treatment

The coating on this fertiliser protects the lawn even during long dry spells. It releases only when there is sufficient moisture available.

Autumn/Winter Treatment

The Autumn/Winter Treatment enhances the overall colour of the lawn; it’s what gives it that impressive green colour over the winter period.

Hollow-Tine Aeration

This process improves the soil condition by removing thousands of cores, thus allowing important air and water to flow into the lawn’s root system.


Unwanted moss loves thatch. In order to reduce moss levels in your lawn, scarification will thin the thatch out, allowing your lawn to breathe more easily.

Post Scarification Treatment

The Post Scarification Treatment provides much needed micronutrients to your lawn after the scarification process has taken place.

Lawn Renovation

This programme will give your lawn a fresh start. We take your lawn down to soil level and re-introduce our own bespoke grass seed, thereby giving you an All Gardening Lawn.