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Want an all-year-round beautiful lawn without the heavy maintenance? 

This long lasting Lawn Food features All Gardening’s unique coating, allowing for a controlled release of nutrients over time. The fine grain of the Lawn Food nestles deep into the lawn, preventing your lawnmower from sucking it up. Your grass receives the nutrients it needs for 90 days without the excessive growth usually associated with high-quality fertilising.

This Lawn Food shows excellent results within two weeks and lasts for up to 8-10 weeks.

  • The slow-release lawn fertiliser for Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Steady growth for a healthy and resistant lawn without the constant mowing! Absolutely NO SMELL after application!
  • Harmless to children and animals. No unnecessary chemicals and no harmful active ingredients. Safe to use your lawn immediately after application.
  • High-quality granules - suitable for spreaders and hand spreaders! No powder. No lumps!


Spring/ Summer Lawn Food

Apply 30g/m2 

NPK - ratio: 18-5-15 + 2%MgO

Composition Quantity Description
N – Nitrogen 18% Stimulates the growth of the grass leaf
P – Phosphorus 5% Promotes root growth
K – Potassium 15% Improves disease resistance
MgO – Magnesium Oxide 2% Stimulates cell structure and green colour for better photosynthesis


  • See results in 14 days! 
  • Steady growth for a resistant and robust lawn.
  • Suitable for all-year-round use. 
  • For all grass- and soil types 
  • No odour 
  • User Guidance

  • Remove fallen leaves and garden waste before mowing (no shorter than 5 cm). 
  • Divide fertiliser into two equal parts: sprinkle part 1 lengthways and part 2 widthways. 
  • Water well to activate. 
  • Enjoy your lawn as usual. Safe for immediate use.
  • Product details

    Soil type For all grass and soil types
    Sowing rate 30g/m2
    Period of use February until December
    Granule size 2-3 mm
    Odour None
    Safety Safe for children and pets. Lawn available for use immediately after application.
    Packaging type Box
    Resealable Yes
    Manufacturer All Gardening

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