Our Story

Hey, I'm Phil.

I believe people have better lawns and gardens have better lives.

Let me share a story.....

In 2004 I got a call from Cindy my gardener, at the time Cindy had 15 years of experience designing and maintaining lawns and gardens, I was working in an office 11 floors up for a dot.com.

"Phil, do you fancy planting up some** summer bulbs", I said "sure, yes that would be cool"

** actually she said, "We should plant hundreds of bulbs".

Phil Argent All Gardening


Cindy had just finished planting up a section of my garden and I was excited to plant more.

Why? I weirdly felt happier with every plant Cindy planted, I started to love the anticipation for the future that appeared in my garden. 

But my love was not just for my garden, I started loving my lawn.

It was very green, it was very simple.

I loved simple.

I could tell you now what we did, how Cindy and I went about the garden and lawn, and show you the results of her and my efforts, but they are just past moments now, my moments.

But over a period of months, I started to think did we "All Garden" as Cindy gardened.

People who have better lawns and gardens have better lives.... and everyone who has a better lawn and garden has moments, dreams and delights that they can share with others, friends and family.


All Gardening Lawn Plan


My garden back in 2004 did become a delight for me and my family, I shared it with 2 young children (Angus and Madeleine), and my wife Amanda and friends.

We've all grown up now.

Back then we shared moments and dreams every day. 

For me the lawn became my obsession.

I learnt to really look at the colour green in a different way, I learnt to see my lawn as something simple but complex, the more I looked the more I learnt.

A simple pleasure.

Eventually, my knowledge of lawns and gardening became something I started to share with others, guiding them to a new pleasure.

That sharing eventually became the business I'm now building.

All Gardening - All Your Garden Needs, In One Place.


All Gardening Lawn Food


The world feels different now. We seem to be in a world driven by the now, things need to get done fast, sharing the moment in the metaverse, unreal...

For many of us, lawns and gardens are real, very, you can live every moment as it happens in the garden, delight in the moment.


All Gardening Lawn Food