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The Acorn Project

When an acorn starts a movement!

15 years ago I was given the book, "The man who planted trees".

15 years on I started my own idea to plant acorns, and help grow better lives.

Each acorn is a connection to the future.

A future that is in our hands to make.

We're trying to encourage people to plant an (acorn) or oak tree and if you do we'll mark it on our All Gardening global map.

The oak is one of the best tree species for absorbing carbon, this is thanks to their large canopies, dense wood and long lifespans. The oak sequesters some 10,994 units of CO2 in its lifetime.

The oak, slow growing, familiar native tree valued for its timber is long-lived and excellent for attracting wildlife. Quercus robur is suitable for large gardens and forestry. Due to increasing environmental damage, it's more important than ever to plant this iconic tree.

The Acorn Project is gently edging its way around the planet, it's evolving as an idea.

If you'd like to plant an oak tree please order here.

Join us.

Founder of All Gardening

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Lawn Food. Good Lawn Health.

Good fertilisation is vital for a happy, and healthy lawn, but we are all leading increasingly busy lives. So what we've done is create a service that's convenient for you and good for your lawn. All Gardening Lawn Food does the essential's and much more.

  • ⏍ Complete Lawn Health

    All of the key nutrients, just enough, not too much, delivered.

  • ⏀ Seasonal

    Each Lawn Food is tailored to each season for best results.

  • ◎ Affordable

    The best way to buy the best Food for your lawn.

  • ⎷ Delivered to Your Door

    Every 12 weeks delivered to your door.

And much more...

  • ☑️ Free Virtual 1 to 1 lawn assessment

    ☑️ No waste

    ☑️ No waiting

    ☑️ No trips to grab big bags

  • ☑️ Join our community on Facebook

    ☑️ Get help and advise as the season goes on

    ☑️ Monthly All Gardening newsletter

    ☑️ Experts in your pocket

Lawn Food is used by our fine lawn specialists. We demand results.

We've fine tuned Lawn Food to the needs of thousands of our lawn care clients since 2004. Tried and tested 25,000 times.

Our fine lawn service

Safe with busy families, children, and pets. Across the UK.

All Gardening Lawn Food is tested by our teams, used on lawn with busy families, young children, dogs and cats.

Our dog Oban on his lawn

We're focus on growth. The best Lawn Food yet.

We test Lawn Food on various types of grasses, in various stages of maturity, testing stress and drought.

The Lawns

Over 25,000 Lawn Food treatments delivered across the UK

There are fine and healthy lawns across the UK! Here's a few we've seen recently.

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Any questions we haven't answered?