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Just because you have a dog does it mean you can't have a beautiful lawn too? 

There are a few tasks you should do to keep your lawn in good condition, the first is to repair pee damaged areas as soon as you spot them, but it key to keep the whole lawn looking good so repaired areas match old areas.

This kit contains the following products:

  • Sports & Fun rapid germination grass seed: to overseed bald and thinning spots in your lawn.
  • Lawn Overseed young lawn fertiliser: to boost growth of young grass in your lawn after overseeding.

Sports & Fun grass seed contains a special ProNitro coating for improved germination. Used alongside our Lawn Overseed fertiliser, your grass will grow steadily and evenly.

In combination with our Lawn Overseed fertiliser, you can expect deep and rapid root development. Magnesium ensures that the grass plant absorbs lawn food more efficiently.

Our granulated fertiliser is coated for slow-release, minimising nutrient peak, which can damage the young grass.

Sports & Fun grass seed is the perfect overseeding mix - designed to withstand constant, heavy use. With a high percentage of fine-leaved perennial ryegrass, you achieve the look and feel of an ornamental lawn (but with the strength of a Premier League football pitch).

Expect results within 7-14 days if the conditions are favourable (soil temperature of more than 10 degrees).

  • High germination rate makes for a speedy repair to a tired lawn. Fast-germination brings results within 14 days.
  • Granulated fertiliser designed for slow release. None of the grass burn associated with cheaper powder-based fertilisers.
  • Everything you need to repair a patchy lawn. Wake up your tired garden by overseeding your existing grass - for a fuller, greener, more consistent lawn you’ll love.
Composition Quantity Description

Sports & Fun | Grass seed
Perennial Ryegrass 60% Establishes quickly. Has a fairly fine structure
Red fescue 35% Fine structure. Ensures a full and thick lawn
Kentucky Bluegrass 5% Even finer than red fescue to fill in the smallest bald spots
For lawns that see a lot of action. A fast-germinating mix that ensures rapid growth for high-use lawns.
Resilient, beautiful, and ready for action
Composition Quantity Description

Lawn Starter Fertiliser
N – Nitrogen 6% Stimulates the growth of the grass leaf
P – Phosphorus 10% Promotes root growth
K – Potassium 8% Improves disease resistance
MgO – Magnesium Oxide 3% Stimulates cell structure and green colour for better photosynthesis


  • Germinates within  7 – 14 days
  • Resistant to diseases
  • Promotes the absorption of lawn food and nature’s nutrients in young grass
  • Fast results. Deep green
  • Odourless after application
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