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MY BUXUS FOOD Subscription

MY BUXUS FOOD Subscription

All Gardening My Buxus Food

From £12.99 per delivery.

Works year-round | Enjoy a healthier plant | Promotes strong, healthy plant growth.

All Gardening My Buxus Food is a perfectly balanced Buxus fertiliser in granular form. All Gardening My Buxus Food contains an ideal balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and all the other trace elements your Buxuss need to thrive.

Free regular Buxus care instruction?

Once an All Gardening My Buxus Food customer you'll get access to our free-to-use service - GrassMasters Lawn & GardenMasters garden instruction - via WhatsApp.

You can contact us anytime (normal office hours apply), share with us how your garden care is going and we will give you tips to take it to the next level.

✅ Perfect nutritional balance for any Buxus

✅ All the nutrients your Buxus needs. Each season

✅ 9 minerals

✅ Universal slow-release complex NPK fertiliser

✅ FREE T-shirt with first order

✅ Cancel anytime with no fees

✅ Edit your subscription anytime



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