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We’re bursting with pride over our Premium Lawn grass seed - designed for the type of classic ornamental lawn you’d expect to see in Downton Abbey. 

Get the perfect English ornamental lawn with our exceptional grass seed mix and a little love and attention.

With grass this fine, you’ll feel like you are walking on a soft carpet! And because the grass mix grows more slowly than your average lawn, it means less mowing.


Expert Tip for the ultimate ornamental law: mow your ornamental lawn with a reel mower! 

  • Get a flawless lawn - achieve verdant splendour from our drought-tolerant, slow-growing ornamental grass seed. 
  • Even growth - this mix of grass grows slowly and evenly, maintaining the look of a perfectly manicured lawn for longer.
  • Suitable for our unpredictable weather - maintaining a lawn can be tricky with the British climate. This seed mix is tolerant to cold weather AND drought. Overwinters perfectly, lasting for years—enjoy far less reseeding than with cheaper grass seed mixes.
Composition Quantity Description
Perennial Ryegrass 15% Establishes quickly. Has a fairly fine structure
Red fescue 75% Fine structure. Ensures a full and thick lawn
Kentucky Bluegrass 10% Very fine structure with sideways growth for strength


  • Outstanding ornamental value
  • Germinates in 2-3 weeks
  • Drought tolerant
  • Specially selected grass varieties & grass families, leading to exceptional appearance
  • Designed for UK weather; strong overwintering 
  • How to use

    As with all grass seed, young seedlings require plenty of water. Water well for at least two weeks after sowing. 

    Rolling the grass seed after spreading will ensure better seed-to-soil contact for more consistent germination throughout the lawn.

  • Prepare the soil by watering and removing leaves and garden waste.
  • Mow your existing lawn no shorter than 5 cm.
  • Divide grass seed into two equal parts. Spread the first part lengthways and the second part widthways.
  • Using a weighted roller, roll the grass seed to generate good seed-to-soil contact.
  • Water immediately. Soil MUST remain moist for at least two weeks after sowing.

  • Product details

    Soil type For all soil types
    Sowing rate 17g/m2
    Use Active use lawn
    Period of use February until October None
    Odour None
    Safety Non-hazardous
    Packaging type None
    Resealable Yes
    Manufacturer All Gardening
    Sowing New Lawn Use double the amount for a new lawn
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