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If your garden is in full or partial shade, your lawn is probably patchy, at best. All Gardening’s Shade & Sun grass seed is ideal for those shady areas - thriving in spaces that regular grass seed struggles to cover. 

Spaces beneath trees or next to buildings or fences are notoriously shady. Our expertly-selected seed blend contains fine-leafed grass varieties that thrive in low light areas. 

Enjoy a beautiful ornamental lawn, even in shady areas, with grass that grows slowly and requires less mowing than regular grass!

Suitable for sunny spots as well.

  • Perfect choice for the UK climate - handles cold weather better than cheaper grass seed and thins less during the winter. 
  • Copes with low reel mowing for that classic manicured look. Superb, premium grasses that tolerate the shade and the unpredictability of the British summer.
  • Grows in the shade AND in the blasting sun - perfect for patch repair and easy to spread by hand or with a spreader, this grass seed looks beautiful throughout the summer and autumn.
Composition Quantity Description
Perennial Ryegrass 40% Establishes quickly, with a fairly fine structure
Red fescue 50% Fine structure. Ensures a full and thick lawn
Kentucky Bluegrass 10% Very fine structure with sideways growth for strength



  • Achieve the look & feel of an ornamental lawn
  • Shade-tolerant blend
  • Germinates fully in 2-3 weeks
  • Specially selected grass varieties & grass families ensure a superb, robust lawn 
  • Designed for UK weather; thins less during winter 
  • How to use

    As with all new grass seed, water the seedlings well for at least two weeks after sowing. 

    Rolling the seed after spreading will ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact for a consistent appearance throughout your beautiful, new lawn. 

  • Water and prepare the soil by removing fallen leaves and garden waste.
  • Mow the existing lawn no shorter than 5 cm.
  • Divide the grass seed into two equal parts. Spread the first part lengthways and the second part widthways.
  • With a weighted roller, roll the grass seed to generate good seed-to-soil contact. 
  • Water immediately. The soil MUST remain moist for at least two weeks after sowing.
  • Product details

    Soil type For all soil types
    Sowing rate 17g/m2
    Use Active use
    Period of use February until October
    Odour None
    Safety Non-hazardous
    Packaging type Pouch
    Resealable Yes
    Manufacturer All Gardening
    Sowing New Lawn Use double the amount for a new lawn

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