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This fast-growing grass seed is perfect for patching up tired lawns. Containing hardy perennial ryegrass, your lawn becomes super-resilient to heavy use. 

Winter-hardy and resistant to the unpredictable British weather, expect grass that lasts for years - with natural resistance to disease and fungi. 

For best results, sow when the soil temperature is above 10 degrees; remove leaves, stones, and garden waste; press the seeds into the soil, and keep the soil moist. Simple!

  • Premier League Quality - our seeds are produced by the same company that supplied seed for most of the 2018 FIFA World Cup stadiums. 
  • Perfectly suited to the unpredictable British climate. Drought-resistant and tolerable of heavy rain, Power Lawn grass seed grows rapidly and maintains its deep green.
  • Strong growth & winter resistant - quick sprouting and robust growth; even in slightly shady areas. Water well in dry weather for maximum growth.
Perennial Ryegrass 80% Establishes quickly, with a fairly fine structure
Red fescue 20% Fine structure. Ensures a full and thick lawn


  • Powerful and rapid growth within 7 – 14 days
  • Premier League quality seed for robust blades and thick growth
  • Perfect for the unpredictable UK weather. Survives cold, wet British winters. 
  • For premium-quality lawns due to specially selected grass varieties 
  • Easy user manual

  • How to use

    For best results, prepare your soil well before application.

  • Water the soil well. 
  • Remove leaves and mow the existing lawn (no shorter than 5 cm).
  • Divide grass seed into two equal parts. Spread the first part lengthways and the second part widthways.
  • Using a weighted seed roller, roll the grass seed for optimal seed-to-soil contact. 
  • Water immediately. The soil MUST remain moist for at least two weeks.

  • Product details

    Soil type For all soil types
    Sowing rate 17g/m2
    Use Active use. Robust.
    Period of use February until October
    Odour None
    Safety Non-hazardous
    Packaging type Pouch
    Resealable Yes
    Manufacturer All Gardening
    Sowing New Lawn Use double the amount for a completely new lawn
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