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Give your young lawn the best chance to thrive with our expertly-developed Lawn Starter fertiliser, providing the exact nutrient composition to promote the healthy establishment of new grass plants.

Apply Lawn Starter as you sow your new lawn seed, offering a high phosphorus content that promotes healthy root development. Magnesium helps your young grass plants absorb the nutrients it needs to become a robust adult plant. 

Lawn Starter uses All Gardening’s unique granular coating. This promotes a slow-release of nutrients, preventing the nutrient surge you get with competitor products (which can damage the young grass).

  • Put an end to yellow or brown spots. Young lawns need potassium to grow strong roots and sturdy blades, along with minimal nitrogen (which burns the leaves).  
  • Odourless & harmless to children and animals.
  • Easy to use. Includes detailed instructions for use and gardener-friendly packaging! Resealable for maximum shelf life.

Application 25g/m2

NPK Ratio: 6-10-8 + 2%MgO

N – Nitrogen6%Stimulates the growth of the grass leaf

Composition Quantity Description
P – Phosphorus 10% Promotes root growth
K – Potassium 8% Improves disease resistance
MgO – Magnesium Oxide 2% Stimulates cell structure and green colour for better photosynthesis


  • Premium absorption for young grass 
  • Slow-acting nitrogen stimulates vigorous shoots 
  • No additional water required (if the soil is already moist)
  • Odourless after application
  • Can be used before, during, or after sowing new grass seed
  • User manual

    Measure out the correct amount of Lawn Starter fertiliser for the size of your lawn. Suitable for all-year-round application and for young lawns as well as freshly sown seed.  

  • Prepare the soil for planting by removing stones and levelling it out with a rake. 
  • Sow the seed and divide the fertiliser into two equal parts. Spread evenly over the lawn (taking one part lengthways and the other half widthways).
  • Lightly water the lawn for faster action.
  • Product details

    Soil type For all types of grass and soil
    Sowing rate 25g/m2
    Period of use February until October
    Type Granulate 2 – 3 mm
    Odour None
    Safety Not harmful to children and pets after application
    Packaging type Pouch
    Resealable Yes
    Manufacturer All Gardening
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