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YearBook 2

Yearbook 2 is a chance to gather you, and our community, and ask you for ideas, insights & different thinking.
Way back in 2004, I thought doing everything was best, saying yes to everything, I'd called my company All Gardening, and in the name, it meant we did everything.

That was until one day when I decided I'd just do one thing.

I'd grow fine English lawns.

Doing one thing is simple, but it's not easy.

Yearbook 2 concludes a journey, from doing everything to just doing one thing well, growing the finest English lawns around the UK.

No reprints. So if you want a copy, better reserve yourself one today.
Thank you for your support. Always.
Phil - Founder of All Gardening

What is the Yearbook all about?

The Yearbook captures a year lived by 5500 people around the world on the All Gardening Cafe group on Facebook.

It also highlights our day-to-day observations, looking at the world our way.

The importance.

What you can do with a lawn and garden.

If you have time.

What grows within a lawn and garden?

When you don't have time

What happens when you make time?

Because that's all it takes is a bit of your time.

Some things take time, but without spending time nothing grows.

Your garden will wait.

Your garden will grow.

Your garden is for you, when you want it.

This Yearbook offers you a chance to think, dig deep, and think simply about the beautiful world around us.


The All Gardening YearBook concept originated from a short conversation had with his mother, Marie Argent the day she passed away.

Some of her final words were "I'm eternally hopeful Phil" on talking about his future and the future of the world. She also said he should "build something big and beautiful". To start he built a group on Facebook, The All Gardening Cafe, which then gathered 5500 members in 104 countries, and he did a podcast every day numbering over 228 last count.

Moments from the Facebook group and chats from the podcast became the foundation stones of the YearBook.

Text and Images copyright @ All Gardening, 2004

Book Design and Illustrations by Phil Argent and his wonderfully unique and brilliant ADHD & Dyslexic Mind.

The moral right of the authors and illustrators has been asserted.

Printed in the UK. 5411 copies, the number of members of the All Gardening Cafe at the time of printing.

The All Gardening YearBook is designed and printed each year as a single print run.

There will never be any future reprints.

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Your garden can help you rethink, EVERYTHING

Why taking time will save you time?

How to win a growing?

How to make you best better?

Why growing slow is best?

Make a song and make it grow?

Why you should love your lawn?

How risk growing anything?

Flowers mean everything?

Why your nice things take care of you?

Print is not dead

Feeling a book in hand is special, it connects you with the author.