Earth Shot: All Gardening: The Acorn Project

Earth Shot: All Gardening: The Acorn Project

All Gardening Earth Shot:

The Acorn Project

When an acorn starts a movement!

15 years ago I was given the book, "The man who planted trees".

15 years on I started my own idea to plant acorns, and help grow better lives.

Each acorn is a connection to the future.

A future that is in our hands to make.

We're trying to encourage people to plant an (acorn) or oak tree and if you do we'll mark it on our All Gardening global map.

The Acorn Project is gently edging its way around the planet, its evolving as an idea.

If you'd like to plant an oak tree please get in touch with us.

Join us.
Founder of All Gardening
Last edit: 4.3.23

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