We've over 50,000 hours of lawn care experience.

Meet Your Grassmaster Lawn Instructors.

When you sign up to Lawn Plan or My Lawn Food, you'll be welcomed into the world of fine lawn care by one of our Grassmaster Lawn Instructors. You'll be guided every step of the way on how to grow and maintain a fine lawn and you can ask anything you want about anything lawns or grass, anytime.

All instruction is done via WhatsApp, videos, photos, one to one calls and notes are all managed via our business WhatApp channels.

Given time you'll become a GrassMaster!

GrassMaster Lawn Instructor | Founder of All Gardening

Phil Argent

Meet Phil

I think lawns are incredible when you get to understand them, millions of small plants, all doing their own thing, until you get to know them, i've been working on the lawns for 19 years now, that's around 29,743 hours.

How do you motivate?

I think a lawn can only ever get better or worst, the skill is being able to see that, and then knowing what to do next. I like keeping ahead of things.

Outside of All Gardening?

I'm always on the hunt for fine lawns, and will look anywhere and everywhere, travel to find the best. I like the best lawns, wine, food, and anything made by a craftsman/ women.


Grassmaster Lawn Instructor

Angus Argent

Meet Angus

I've come to see lawns as an escape from the madness of everyday life, they are simple to look after, but simple is not the same as easy. I've been working on the lawns for 6 years, many more to come.

How do you motivate?

Playing rugby most weeks of the year in one way or another, nearly always on grass makes me very much appreciate grass is better than mud. Keep it simple is my way.

Outside of All Gardening?

Rugby, and training and fitness and eating. Doing that keeps me rather busy.


Grassmaster Lawn Instructor

Chris Argent

Meet Chris.

I thought at first looking after a lawn was simple, after all, all you have to do is cut it. But then I found fine lawns and everything changed. I've love every day of 19 years on the lawns.

How do you motivate?

I start each day with a lawn cut, my own, only takes 8mins to clip off, but its the best way to start the day. It's what I encourage people to do.

Outside of All Gardening?

If I'm not in the UK, I love to be found in Japan, I love learning about the find craftsmanship there, doing less, but doing it better is incredible to learn about.