105: Lets level up and get growing

105: Lets level up and get growing

One of my favourite hand tools has just been delivered to me, its a lawn lute.

It's such an understated garden care tool, but its the number one tool if you want a level lawn.

Maybe it's the number one gardening tool that never gets to see a typical garden shed.

A lute does 3 jobs in one: 

It does the job of being half rake (kinda) and half shovel (a very wide and small depth spade) and lawn iron (well it does help flatten off the lawn).

If you have a garden that has a lawn that's just not very level for one reason or another all you need is to grab a lute and a load of turf dressing, and perhaps a little bit of lawn seed and a little bit of perfect is on its way.

The trick with using a lute is only shift a little bit of soil (turf dressing) or you'll end up pushing against a wall. 

The lutes we use are double sided, once side is designed to flatted the soil and dressing, and the other side if used to "brush" in the dressing.

You do one side then the other, and repeat until you have a perfect level lawn.

If you'd like a level lawn, need to fill in holes, or feel that your lawn just needs some renovation give us a call and we'll be sure to bring along our beautiful collection of lutes and rakes!

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