132: Come mow with me

132: Come mow with me

It's easy to get stripes on a lawn. Well kinda.

Here's a few tips on how we do things.

  1. Get a lawn mower with a rear roller.
  2. Make sure your lawn is well fed.
  3. Make sure the lawn is growing well.
  4. Start cutting the lawn short, around 30mm, you might have to cut the lawn often to get a good cut length.
  5. Make sure the lawn is super level, you might want to do some levelling with sand.
  6. Make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp.

If you follow steps 1-6 you'll start discovering a stripy lawn.

In the video below we take you on a short mow, and give you some informative tips on how to get a stripy lawn.

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