134: Gardening Gift Cards

134: Gardening Gift Cards

Any time of year is a good time of year to give a gardening friend an All Gardening gift card.

There are two things we love about our gardening gift cards, it's this:

  1. You can give them to friends and family knowing that something good can grow from a small gift.
  2. You know that by giving a gift you can help a friend or member of the family get started with better gardening.

The thing about gardening and gifting which is soo cool is, one gives to the other, to grow something you need to get started, but to know just where to start can be tricky, especially if you're new to gardening, so getting a gift card for a specific thing from a knowledgeable friend is like super powered gifting. 

Here's a few things we think you might like to give a gardening gift card for:

  • Lawn fertiliser subscription
  • Lawn fertiliser pay as you go
  • Lawn fertiliser spreaders
  • Grass seed
  • Dog wee repair kits
  • Lawn scarification kits
  • Lawn repair kits

We're expending our online store range everyday, but we always recommend giving a gardening gift card for our Lawn Food Subscription.





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