137: Manifesto of a gardener

137: Manifesto of a gardener

Only when we define the change we want to make, can we make that change happen. In our manifesto of a gardener we share the lessons we have learned on our journey.

They might just help you too.

Manifesto of a gardener

1 - Begin with small.

If you seek to change anything momentum will help get you going. Learning how to move a little will inspire you. Find a tool that makes little delightful. Then find the next tool that makes a little a bit more. 

2 - Let things take time.

Nature does not give you deadlines, so don't set yourself any. Seek progress in the things you're getting done.

3 - Dig like you mean it.

Dig with a spade first, but make shallow trial digs, feel the soil you are working with.

4 - Focus on the task.

Doing a bit here, and a bit there is just faffing. Faffing can be plentiful. But remember, faffing stops you from doing.

5 - Somethings won't grow.

This is guaranteed. All the preparation in all the world will sometimes not be enough. See these failings as gifts. They will make you a better gardener. Rather than drive you to give up, they will drive you to learn more, and be more patient and focused. 

6 - Ideas start change.

But ideas are just that ideas. Try something you can see evolve. Do the work to bring the idea alive.

7 - If you want to grow something, you have two options.

One, you can talk about it. Two you can do it, bit by bit, step by step, by step.

8 - What you grow takes effort.

Don't give up.

9 - What needs to be done today.

Ask yourself this everyday. It's your job to do the caring and growing each and every day.

10 - The effort you can put in, has a direct relationship to how much you want to see it grow.

Your effort is not infinite, use it carefully.

11 - Growing better comes.

When you start it's simple, simple to do, simple to see. But it will get better.

12 - Dig, rest, dig, rest.

Human’s get more done in bursts followed by rest. Getting things done isn’t about who does the longest hours, but who does the smartest hours.

13 - 80% of your time will be spent on things you won't see grow.

20% of your time is spent on the things you are very good at. In order to get more done, flip that.

14 - Tea multiplies output.

It's a simple with, but a cup of tea, to ponder the future brings power to move mountains.

15 - Keep your energy for pushing the garden forward.

The past is done. Things out of your control cannot be changed. Energy spent being angry, jealous, or cynical is negative energy. Stay positive.

16 - Have a plan.

Then accept it can and will change. Making something happen is about being nimble and adaptable.

17 - Think, more than do.

Try to not redo, and try not to move anything twice. Think through your next task ahead of doing.

18 - Growing is rewarding.

Growing is a gift, the results you can share, tell stories about, and teach others.

19 - Little actions repeated daily will result in big changes.

You'll see over time that small parts added, become something huge.


20 - Even though gardening is a sole passion, share it with others.

Give back. It will help you.

21 - All gardeners are custodians.

Have something big that you want to change. This is bigger than you. Your purpose multiplies. An oak tree planted as a sapling today, is a gift for someone in the next century.

22 - If you are going to make change happen, make it a good one.

This planet needs as many friends as it can get.

Phil Argent

Founder of All Gardening


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