141: The eternally hopeful gardener year book 2

141: The eternally hopeful gardener year book 2

So it's the first of January 2023. Wow.

Another year in the garden past.

It was a dry year.

It was a year where the grass burnt out, for a bit in summer.

It was a year that things took shape.

If anything it was a year that passed all too soon.

I didn't know what was going to happen, I hadn't really made a plan.

I'm grateful for what came along eventually. 

I've done it once, put a book together from the All Gardening Cafe. 

I'm going to do it again, this time I'm going to focus the book around GROWTH.

Things we grow.

How we grow.

What to grow.

When to grow.

Why we grow.

I'll do a small print run, and no reprints. 

It will be a yearbook to keep. 

It will be a yearbook to treasure.

I hope when it's done, and I share it with you, you might delight in it.

Here's today's podcast.


Phil Argent

Founder of All Gardening

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