144: Yearbook 2 progress

144: Yearbook 2 progress

A time for growth.

Thats the title of this years yearbook. 

That's how far I've got, I know what it should be about.

The image on the front cover has come from one of the members of the All Gardening cafe that you'll find on Facebook groups.

The group has just under 6000 members, a lot happened last year.

When you grow a garden you're never too sure what will come through.

That's exciting.

The hard work has to begin long before the rewards are there to be seen.

What makes a reward exciting is the feeling it gives you.

A feel good vibe.

A feeling that you've done good.

A feeling that it is all worth it.

A feeling of progress and success, and don't we need that today and everyday.

I think I've got about 50-100 pages to fill with beautiful images from the All Gardening cafe group.

Putting the book together feels a bit like getting started on a garden or lawn.

You have to start somewhere.

You have to start at a good place.

You have to start at a point that seems obvious.

So I've started with working out what I want the front page to convey.

The first page says "here's the reward".

Colourful and vibrant.

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Phil Argent

Founder of All Gardening

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