154: A community collaboration

154: A community collaboration

We love our community. We love creativity and we love collaborations.

So, this seemed like the perfect time to do one.  

We are looking for content submissions for our Year Book 2 from our creative growing community. 

A 150-word piece written on one of the following 'grow...' topics: 

  • Grow something sustainably
  • Grow a story
  • Grow an idea 
  • Grow something that standing for something 
  • Grow a conversation 
  • Grow, find a way to switching off 
  • Grow a better culture 
  • Grow ideas through daydreaming 

And a wild card. 

Grow.... a topic of your choice.

Deadline to send us work is the 30th February 2023. 

We look forward to reading your submissions! 

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