163: Our lawn care predictions for 2023

163: Our lawn care predictions for 2023

Year on year no lawn is the same.

They all have a story.

And like a good story a lawn has layers, characters, consequences.

So we're at the start of 2023.

So we don't know what's ahead.

But we can tell ourselves a story of what might be, and what might come.

For many of us, we'll start thinking about the lawn too late.

But for some, the adventurous ones, we'll be doing things now.

And if you are doing things now you'll be ahead.

And being ahead in lawn care is good. Very good.

It's like being first at the bar with a cold beer after a long day out in the sun.

It also takes focus.

Some of us will focus.

Some of us won't.

For those of us that do stay ahead, and are focused, delights are ahead.

If only everyone knew this.... everyone.


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