170: Bobs fruit press

170: Bobs fruit press

Funny how things go sometimes.

My son wanted to go to a trampoline park, (Jump Inc) with his mates.

To get there he'd need "dad's taxi", you know the one that takes and waits, but the wait time has no charge.

We had to collect Oli his best mate, his dad is called Bob.

Bob's a nice guy, and he has a load of apple trees.

Each year Bob makes cider from his apple trees.

When I drove into the drive at Bob's place, I noticed that there was a fruit press at the gate, which normally indicates it ready for scrap collection.

I asked Bob if the fruit press worked, and he said it does, "but it's too small for my needs now".

Bob's is upleveling his cider making.

So I took the fruit press.

I'm going to give it a clean.

Then I'm going to use it to make cider.

I'm starting my journey of apple juice and cider making.

If I wasn't driving "dad's taxi", I wouldn't have met Bob, and if I hadn't met Bob, the fruit press would have gone to scrap.

But the fruit press now has a new life ahead of it.

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