20 years of All Gardening

20 years of All Gardening

This month we have been in business for 20 years. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of learning, and it's been a lot of change in the weather and the seasons. What a ride. 

The things the last 20 years have taught me. 

  • We started All Gardening to change the lives of the families we work for. That is what we focus on each day.
  • If you plan to be the best at something, lawns in our case, you have to go deep and be patient. Things will not go as planned all the time.
  • The tough times teach you something, they teach you to slow down, learn more, and be ready. Better times follow eventually.
  • Ask yourself ‘Did you do enough? To make something simple, you have to do lots of wrong things. And get back up. You are learning.
  • Learn to look after your nice things. Only when they are gone will you know just how much you need them. You trust them.
  • Simple is different to easy, so few understand the difference. To make something simple you have to put 47,000 hours of learning in.
  • In my very last conversation with my mum, she said ‘go build something big and beautiful. I’m still here building, maybe it seems small but maybe it’s already huge.
  • Every day I cut my lawn, well I do when I can. I keep going back, I know by doing that things always get better. I never give up. My children know this too.
  • Doing one thing, when you can do everything seems daft to many, but it’s masterstry we are learning, doing less is more.
  • We have done a lot since we started, built many gardens, planted thousands of plants, grown many a lawn, and treated lawns over 25,000 times. But our focus now is narrow, but our ambitions are vast.
  • It’s time to change the lawn care industry. One lawn at a time.

Best from the North


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