234: Ai, ADHD and Dyslexic thinking

234: Ai, ADHD and Dyslexic thinking

Brilliant minds work on brilliant things.

Last week I read an article from Richard Branson on AI and dyslexic thinkers.

Simply put, he said dyslexic brains, the most powerful brains, would know how to make the most of Ai and also perhaps make friends and understand how to harness with a relationship very very quickly would be Dyslexic brains.

We'll I've put my ADHD/ Dyslexic brain to work to see what we can do.

We spent a day together working on some new content for the All Gardening website.

There is a new section curated by AI and edited by me. 


We worked fast, it was fluid and in most cases I even learnt something I didn't know about lawns and there problems, I've only been working on lawns for 35,000 hours.....

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