72: Green is a magic colour

72: Green is a magic colour

Oh how I love the colour green, not because I run a lawn care business, but because I have so many memories of what happens on grass, when the grass is ultimate and pure in colour.

I remember being told that a lawn had gone brown when it was to have only gone a bit black (moss killer applied), that lawn was a very very big lawn, it became wonderfully green in the end.

I also remember being paid in pennies once to make a lawn very green, and that's a story.

What it is about the colour green that really gets me with lawns is the consistency of the green. 

Lawns start off as a inconsistent "range" of greens, meaning every colour under the sun makes up a mish mash of green, but given time the green becomes ultimate and pure:

Lawn care and lawn treatments done correctly, produce beautifully pure green.

It's a colour to behold.

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