83: Lawn Plan, that's the plan!

83: Lawn Plan, that's the plan!

In 2004, April 19th I started all gardening, I had a plan to build a service called Lawn Plan, I did have a focus, but I started to say to every "gardening enquiry" yes, when I should have said NO, not now.

It's a skill in business to do what you say you're going to do, stick to the business plan, it's also a skill in business to learn to say No, not now to some opportunities.

This year I'm re launching my Lawn Plan service, and Lawn Plan is a great simple service that has a market of 22m lawns, it's simply a plan for your lawn, between 4-7 visits, done throughout the year, at the right time for the lawn, paid for as a annual one off direct debit of a monthly direct debit over 12 months.

What I'm going to do this year is focus on simple, focus on adding customers to one plan, keep things focused around Lawn Plan, and say no, not yet to everything else.

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