90: Babs and machines

90: Babs and machines

It's never easy getting a new business off the ground, even if you've done it before, several times.
Getting things going i find is a careful balance between spending funds and building relationships.
Today this balance was perfectly shown, Babs, works in accounts for Paul Yates Hire in Knaresborough, I popped in to check out their machines.
I later called Babs to book an aerator for a new job starting next week, I spoke about what I needed, and I spoke about getting started (again), she listened and was very nice.
I booked a collection and delivery, eventually for two machines, on different days assuming a delivery and collection charge for both days, both machines, I said thanks and put the phone down.
But Babs called back, Babs made the suggestion that if I finished with one before I wanted the next one, they could collect and deliver at the same time, saving me money.

That was nice, she didn't need to suggest that.

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