A little update

A little update

Hello Friend, It’s Phil,

So the story so far on the All Gardening Cafe Yearbook 2.

I’ll be short don’t worry.

The people who bought the first few copies started something special, something very special.

They trusted me, they didn’t need to. But I’m grateful they did.

Thank you Steve, Lisa and Sandra.

They helped me to believe. 

Believe that a small idea and lots of hard focused work, contributed to by 5411 members of the All Gardening Cafe in various ways, could change my world and the world of many others.

I sold 3 books.

Then I sold 5.

I’ve just reordered 12.

I plan to sell 5411 this year, the number of members of the All Gardening Cafe the moment I finished the Yearbook

I got some feedback from the early purchasers.

“I love it! My granddaughter (3) loves all the pretty flowers in the book and me reading to her”

“Arrived today..love it Phil. Thanks for all the hard work you put in. A credit to you & your mum would be so proud. Pride of place on the coffee table. Cheers!”

“Beautiful work Phil”

I’d never thought the Yearbook would be a book share between generations, the reader and the listener.

I’d also never given any thought that the Yearbook would be treasured so much.

But knowing this makes be feel proud and excited.

To think the idea came from a parting conversation with my mum in her final moments back during the 2020 lockdown “Phil, grow something big and beautiful”.

I remember my mum reading The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, I don’t much remember the story, but I do remember the time I spend listening.

So here it is, I change the front cover from time to time, which cover will your book have is for you or a loved one, gardening friend to discover, perhaps throughout the year the covers will in themselves become part of a bigger story.

If you haven’t yet taken a look at the Yearbook, or thought about buying one, perhaps just for one moment ponder who you could gift the book to who could share it or care for it.

Much love as always.



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