Our Lawn Food bags do more. They have ongoing use.

Our Lawn Food bags do more. They have ongoing use.

How you start out is how you will end up.

Our Lawn Food comes in re-sealable bags.

Today I was reading about the circular economy, it reminded me of a conversation I had last year with someone I know well at Dyson, we talked about making old into something new, oh we take about Lego too. We talked about adding things to old to make them new, we talked about making more from less.


When I started looking for bags for shipping Lawn Food I started to think what happens to the bag once the Lawn Food's all used.

I thought I could buy cheap throw away bags, single use bags, but that just didn't seem right.

I wanted to give people who use All Gardening Lawn Food the option to use the bags again.

Maybe to put bits and bobs in, to use in the shed, in the kitchen, in the office, use for storing seed, old brushes, buttons, pens, cards, paper notes, anything really.

So I've decided to invest in re-sealable bags.

The bags will have more than one life, they will go on to be used again and again.

It seems so simple now. 

I had to slow down to take a look at the bags, how they felt in my hands, how i used them.

So I tried it.

Open the bag, remove the Lawn Food.

Fill the bag with stuff, close the zip.

I've been filling the bags today, a fair few Lawn Food trials have gone out, all of the Lawn Food trials go out in re-sealable bags, which means there are good few handy bags going out to new homes.



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