Simple is Not The Same as Easy.

Simple is Not The Same as Easy.

I walk.

And walk. And walk.

200 leaflets a day. 

It's local marketing day. 

I wait. 

I wait for the phone to ring.

You see I'm doing the basics, the simple stuff, I'm getting 200 leaflets into peoples houses.

On each leaflet there are just 113 words. 

It had to be less than 200, apparently after 200 you lose people.

But I've gone in at 113 words.

If I can get 1% conversion per 200, that will lead to 2 enquires.

After that it's just making sure I can offer what people want.

Here's the letter copy if you're interested.


Simple is not the same as easy.

November, 2023

Dear Sir/ Madam, 

I am currently renovating one of your neighbour's lawns.

I work on only 38 lawns a year, that’s it, no more. 

Each lawn is a blend of art and science. Focus. Experienced tasks.

Tasks that have taken me years to refine, and years to master. Years to make simple.

But, simple is not the same as easy.

I’m taking this opportunity to introduce myself and offer a free lawn appraisal.

I reset, renovate, treat, maintain and install new lawns.

Please contact me to book a free lawn appraisal - 07834 769978.

Yours Sincerely,

Phil Argent - Founder of All Gardening & Head Grass Master


Fingers crossed I get my 1%. 

If I don't I just go again.

Do another day, another 200. 

Simple stuff, but the simple stuff is not always easy.

Walk - wait - convert.

Wish me luck.





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