Snow is coming, but so is spring!

Snow is coming, but so is spring!

I know it's coming, I'm excited, so excited.

Snow! Love it.

In the UK snow is just a few days a year, and all to often not seen all over the UK.

It brings calm.

You're kinda trapped for a day.

Or is it that you just get transported to childhood memories of play and adventure.

For all we really need in life is play and adventure.

Well that's how we see it.

We love what we do, growing fine lawns and helping others do the same.

It's like every day is a school day, but rather than SCHOOL, it's learning and play and adventure.

The other thing about snow is it brings a sign.

The sign that we all recognise, those of us that love nature and work outside.

The sign is spring will come soon.

Which is so exciting.

So, like a clock that tells the right time twice a day, spring will follow a short period of snow.

See you soon.

Phil - Founder of All Gardening

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