These shoes are made for working.

These shoes are made for working.

My work shoes work. 

But these shoes once didn't.

I work on lawns, grass. 

I noticed one day that my (previous) work shoes would get super wet.

They weren't totally water proof.

But I knew I had some shoes that were water proof.

My golf shoes.

They are perfect.

They are made for walking on grass.

They are made to be water proof.

They are made to last.

But are they made for working.

Here's the takeaway.

Somethings you have do one thing well, but sometimes they just live in the wrong world. 

I've moved my golf shoes from golf to gardens. The shoes do the same job, walk on fine managed turf. 

There perfect.


Gift yourself a new lawn.

Phil - Founder of The All Gardening and The All Gardening Cafe


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