This Grass is Perfect.

This Grass is Perfect.

I test new grasses from time to time.

The reason for this is grass is being constantly developed. New cultivars are being found and grown that are more resilient, hold better colour, grow better, germinate better, cut better, and ultimately look better, or play better.

I carry out my own simple test.

10 gms of new grass.

1 box of good quality soil.

Water daily.

After that I wait, I don't give it any extra help, no special feds or bio stimulants, nothing.

The box gets put out on my work bench, in the garden, and left there.

Just watered.

I wait.

I compare the new against the old.

Today I looked at the result of 3 weeks of a new grass blend.

Very very good.

This is the grass seed we'll be using to reset lawn in 2024.

In 2024 we'll work on 38 lawns, that it, no more.

They will be very very fine lawns.

Looking forward to growing grass with our new seed supplier.



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