We Are Custodians Of The Garden

We Are Custodians Of The Garden

Your garden is one small part of our earth. We've learnt that billions of people connect with a garden in some way.

But we're just custodians.

The one day you leave your garden, nature takes over control.

Nature simply takes it back to mother earth. No matter what you do, your control is limited.

Without gardens we can't breathe and we know this.

That's why we started All Gardening back in 2004. To bring the value gardens give our planet closer to us. To bring all our skills to your doorstep. And help the earth breathe a longer breath.

As one client we worked with once said to me when I was working for her "Our life's have changed so much. We care about our garden space, it brings us joy and makes us feel connected."

I just stood there thinking everyone should have that feeling.

Let's see, one garden at a time.

Here goes.

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Phil Argent

Founder of All Gardening

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