All Gardening North Leeds

All Gardening North Leeds

Lawn, Garden and Tree services in North Leeds

Welcome to All Gardening North Leeds.

Your local lawn, garden and tree specialists.

Providers of Lawn Plan - lawn care, Garden Plan - garden improvement, and Tree Plan tree - selection and planting services.

Phil Argent runs this branch servicing customers across the region, the majority come from recommendations of satisfied friends, neighbours and relatives who now enjoy a beautiful lawn, garden and trees.

Phil says: "I like to keep things simple, setting out a clear plan from the get go, managing expectations and budgets as we go".

We're huge fans of beautiful lawns and we offer an extensive range of services that are included in our annual plans:

  • Lawn Plan Basic
  • Lawn Plan Complete

Local Lawn Issues to be aware of:

There has been a huge rise in conditions that cause problems such as Red Thread - a viral fungus that attacks lawns and Leatherjackets - grubs that gorge on grass roots, leaving ugly bare patches. Moss and Chafer Grubs are also a common feature on the lawns around the Leeds North area, but the team are well-equipped to tackle all these common problems.

The heavy soil in the North Leeds area also lends its self to outbreaks of moss each and every year, easily managed or controlled by an annual application of moss control.

We look after customers in North Leeds and surounding areas.

Postcodes we cover LS14, LS16, LS17, LS23, LS24, LS8, LS9, LS21, LS22, LS28, LS6, LS7

Our phones are manned from 9.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We answer emails as quickly as we can.

To arrange your Lawn, Garden and Tree care please call us directly on 07834 769978 

Chat soon,


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