Great People Come...

Great People Come...

So I thought it was time to seek out some great people who might be interested in becoming Grassmasters.

Opportunity or challenge.

Just a few, getting the opportunity to do some cool stuff, build a simply brilliant idea into something a brilliant company.

Dreamers, fun makers, adventurers, team players, innovators.

Does that sound like you?

Here's a few opportunities:

Community Business Managers - UK

And some other more ambitious thinking...

Country Manager - USA

Country Manager - Australia

Country Manager - Sweden

Here's the thing, Steve Jobs once said, "you can't join up the dots backwards, you can only join the dots backwards, when you've got there. Before that you have to trust your intuition". Well I've got a hunch that there is interest in All Gardening and Lawn Plan in many more places that we actually can get to at the moment. 

But, anything can happen.

Let's see hey!



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